Below are links to the 2018 written agendas, legislative packets introducing new legislation, meeting notifications, and pending legislation and schedules for committee work.


Week Agendas New Legislation Meeting Notice
Committee Schedules /
Pending Legislation
January 2 X   X X
January 8 X X    
January 16 X     X
January 22 X X    
February 5 X  

X Public Affairs

X Special Com.

February 12   X    
February 20 X     X
February 26 X X    
March 5 X   X X
March 12 X X    
March 19 X     X
March 26 X X    
April 2 X     X
April 9 X X X  
April 16 X   X X
April 23 X X    
May 7     X  
May 14 X X    
May 21 X     X
May 29 X X    
June 4 X     X
June 11 X X    
June 18 X     X
June 25 X X    
July 2 X     X
July 9 X X    
July 16 X     X
July 23 X X    
September 4 X     X
September 10 X X    
September 17 X     X
September 24 X X    
October 1 X     X
October 8 X X X  
October 15 X  

X Council

X Com Dev

October 22 X X    
November 5 X     X
November13 X X    
November 19 X     X
November 26 X X    
December 3 X     X
December 10 X X X  
December 17 X   X X
December 26 X X X