The general operations division of the police department assists with the development and implementation of operational programs, provides administrative and budgetary support, responds to citizen complaints and requests for information, and coordinates police activities with other city departments, divisions and outside agencies.

These wide range of skills help our officers forge relationships with Cuyahoga Falls residents, to make life better here.

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The bicycle patrol unit traverses the city by bike, and not the motorized kind. This allows for officers to stay in direct contact with the community as they ride by homes and businesses, building relationships with residents of all ages.   

CF Police Reserves

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Reserves are a group of trained civilians who volunteer to assist the police department various details.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating all serious misdemeanor and felony crimes committed in the City of Cuyahoga Falls. Detectives also assist outside law enforcement agencies whose cases are in or have connections to the City of Cuyahoga Falls.

For more information about the Detective Bureau, or to contact a Detective, call (330) 971-8334.


Narcotics officers focus on crimes surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol abuse. If you believe you are currently witnessing suspected illegal drug activity contact the police non-emergency line at (330) 971-2181. If you want to provide a drug related crime tip, please call (330) 971-8338.


The uniformed patrol shifts are the public face of the police department and are the first responders to citizen requests for service, initial crime scene investigations, traffic enforcement and traffic accident investigations.

Officers are required to have the knowledge necessary to handle the wide variety of complex calls they encounter, as well as be able to be counselors, mediators and information sources at times. The Patrol Division is dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens and visitors of this community with pride and professionalism.

Youth Division

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department Youth Services Bureau has been providing a Diversion Program since 1989 which affords juvenile misdemeanor and status offenders an alternative to Juvenile Court, as well as acts as a liaison between parents, schools and Juvenile Court. Juveniles who qualify for the program will be handled informally and will not have a record with the Juvenile Court.

The program goal is to reduce the chances for future criminal involvement by improving the youth’s social adjustment by strengthening family relationships, enhancing self-esteem and improving decision making. Parental cooperation is also essential for the youth’s participation in the Diversion Program. They also encourage participation in the "Not Me, I'm Drug Free" pledge program. Call (330) 971-8335 for more details.