The City of Cuyahoga Falls has partnered with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) for processing all tax filings. 

Important Notice - Income Tax Filing Deadline: The municipal income tax deadline for tax year 2020 has been extended from April 15, 2021 to May 17, 2021.  Please go to for further updates, or follow RITA on Twitter @ritaohio.

City Taxes provide funding for the important services and programs that the city implements for every resident and business. From paving streets and picking up trash, to police and fire safety forces, these funds secure the services that keep our community safe and clean and ensure that life is better here.

The Regional Income Tax Agency provides services to collect income tax for municipalities in the State of Ohio. RITA's Board of Trustees is authorized to administer and enforce the income tax laws of each of the participating municipalities. However, each municipal corporation retains its right to administer and enforce its own income tax laws concurrently with the Board.

RITA offers comprehensive tax collection from registration through litigation.

The Regional Income Tax Agency, known as “RITA” was formed in 1971 to administer the income tax ordinance of any Ohio municipality (city or village in Ohio) that joins the Agency through the Regional Council of Governments (RCOG). Although not every Ohio municipality is a RCOG member, currently over 370 taxing jurisdictions (more than half of the municipalities in Ohio with an income tax) utilize RITA to handle their municipal income tax collection and enforcement efforts.

RITA Welcome Letter View The RITA WEBSITE

Tax Ordinances, Rules & Regulations

The Regional Income Tax Agency must act in accordance with the Codified Ordinances of Cuyahoga Falls.  Chapter 161 applies to tax year 2015 and all prior years.  Chapter 164 applies to tax year 2016 and all future years. 

Rules and regulations help taxpayers understand the City's administration of the income tax ordinance. The income tax rules and regulations are approved by the Local Board of Tax Review.