The Cuyahoga Falls Sanitation Department handles all residential trash and recycling pick-up for the city and provides a multitude of services to meet the customer's every need.

All items must be on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your trash pick-up day. Please visit the Sanitation Schedule for additional information on holiday and specialty pick-ups.


There are two types of waste and recycling service available to residents of Cuyahoga Falls. Please explore the Full Service and Limited Service packages designed to meet your sanitation needs. Below is an overview of the different tools and programs that the city provides for your convenience.


There are three varieties of carts that the city offers to residents in order to keep their homes and yards clear of waste, debris and recycling opportunities.


Green, 95 or 65-gallon trash carts are designated for customers' waste disposal needs, offering plenty of space for all waste items. Households are able to receive more than one cart. Learn more about waste carts and other sanitation and recycling options in our Full Service and Limited Service options.


95 or 65-gallon blue-lidded recycle carts are available to sanitation customers as a way to reduce your waste by recycling metal, paper, and plastic materials. Learn more specifics in our Recycling Programs section.

Yard Waste

Tan, 95-gallon yard waste carts are to be used in place of paper yard waste bags. These paper yard waste bags are no longer accepted. Materials such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and small branches may be placed in the cart and put at the curb on trash day for emptying year-round. Learn more about the Yard Waste Program today.

Registration for yard waste carts may be completed in-person at the Utility Billing Office. All yard waste carts must be kept for a minimum of six months.

Specialty Pick-ups

The city has designed a series of specialty trash and recycle pick-up opportunities that account for your spring and fall cleaning, and wintertime entertaining.

Clean-up Weeks

Clean-up weeks provide additional trash pick-up opportunities to help clean up extra debris from your spring and fall cleaning. Every year, two weeks in May, two weeks in September, and one week in December are designated as clean-up weeks. Please visit the Sanitation Schedule for this years dates.

Specialty Pick-ups

At times, it may be a challenge to dispose of those awkward items, but not in the City of Cuyahoga Falls. Year-round, the city offers oversized or bulky item pick-up. Click here to request a specialty pick-up. Learn more about this year's specialty pick-ups in the Sanitation Schedule.

Recycling Programs

The City of Cuyahoga Falls is in it's 30th year on the forefront of the recycling wave, offering various services that make recycling and implementing environmental duties as easy as ever. There are many benefits to recycling, including the:

  • Preservation of natural resources for present and future generations.
  • Conservation of energy, reducing greenhouse gases linked to global warming.
  • Expansion of available landfill space by giving useable items a second, third or fourth life.
  • Ability to keep our air, water and soil cleaner for the benefit of all ecosystems.
  • Production of new and innovative products.
  • Support a multi-billion dollar industry which provides jobs for thousands of Ohioans.

Learn about our recycling programs making an impact on Cuyahoga Falls residents and how going green is just a call away!