The Environmental Educational Outreach Coordinator plays an integral role in moving forward environmentally friendly and fiscally smart programs for the residents and businesses of Cuyahoga Falls.

The coordinator provides a variety of customized services and information for business, professional and civic groups, and classrooms, and develops public utility and environmental improvement projects like the above pictured Kelsey Creek restoration that made our water source cleaner.

Environmental programs, projects, and services:
  • Age/grade-level appropriate educational programming
  • Professional development, training, and seminars
  • Commercial, industrial, and residential energy efficiency programs
  • Community environmental improvement projects
  • Recycling, waste reduction, and pollution prevention resources
  • Soil and water conservation resources
Make a positive environmental impact here:
  1. Energy Efficiencies & Waste Reduction Programs
  2. Environmental Awareness & Education Resources
  3. Natural Resource Conservation Platforms

For more information on City of Cuyahoga Falls' environmental and efficiency programs and resources, contact the Environmental Educational Outreach Coordinator at (330) 971-8201.