The Cuyahoga Falls Street Department is responsible for clearing the snow, capturing the leaves, filling pot-holes, and road resurfacing.

Fall Curbside Leaf Pickup

Each fall, the city orchestrates the removal of leaves from its many miles of streets and municipal properties including 25 neighborhood parks.

Once the leaves have fallen, the city sends leaf crews armed with vacuum machines and rakes, to condense the debris, and keep our streets clean.

Residents may rake leaves to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on their scheduled leaf pickup days. Delays may occur due to inclement weather; however, every household will receive two leaf pickups before the season ends.

In early October, stop by the Utility Billing department, call the Leaf Hotline at (330) 971-8031 or click on the below schedule for your neighborhood’s information.

Leaf Pickup Schedule

Snow Removal

The winter oftentimes brings snow and ice which can create hazards for Cuyahoga Falls travelers. The city takes great care in preparing for storms and sends plow trucks into the street to ensure the safety of our residents.

Clear Streets for Clean Streets Winter Tips

  1. In times of heavy snowfall, remove parked cars from city streets so they can be properly plowed.
  2. Avoid putting snow from driveways or sidewalks into already cleared streets.
  3. Keep sidewalks free of snow and ice for children, mail carriers, and neighbors.   

Street Maintenance & Repair

The city performs general road maintenance to keep our roads safe and neighborhoods clean.

Annual Paving Program

Each year, roads and streets are assigned to be resurfaced or reconstructed based on a thorough assessment process. The quantitiy of road repair work correlates with the cost of materials which often fluxuates with the price of fuel.


The city works diligently to keep up with potholes and encourages residents to call the Pothole Hotline at (330) 971-8FIL (8345). Potholes may also be reported online through the Report A Pothole web form.