The housing division administers the city’s housing and property maintenance codes in order to ensure that properties are properly maintained.

Through systematic inspection and complaint investigation, the housing division seeks to protect both private and public rights by supporting fair, safe, adequate housing and by promoting the satisfactory maintenance of real property throughout the city.

Code Enforcement

The objective of our code enforcement staff is to achieve code compliance in our neighborhoods by identifying residential and commercial property maintenance and/or zoning code violations. Substandard structures, tall weeds and grass, trash and other debris pose a threat to the beauty and safety of our neighborhoods.

To keep Cuyahoga Falls a beautiful place to work and live we all need to remember to be good stewards of our property and in turn good neighbors. Code enforcement protects the health, welfare, and safety of residents and visitors by actively preventing deterioration.

The most common violations involve, but are not limited to:

  • Yard maintenance and overgrown weeds, trees, or shrubbery;
  • Trash and refuse;
  • Abandoned and inoperable vehicles, boats, or trailers;
  • Houses, garages, sheds, or fences that are not structurally sound or in good repair;
  • Construction of decks or fences prior to obtaining zoning approval and building permits;
  • Animal feces that is not picked up and properly discarded; and
  • Repeated or prolonged yard or grass parking;

When calling or emailing with a question or complaint, please provide the location and a brief description of the suspected code violation. You may lodge a complaint anonymously and still be assured that all requests are tracked and investigated.

For more information or to submit a complaint, please contact the development department at (330) 971-8135.