The Mayor's Court of Cuyahoga Falls provides a local downtown venue for the community to see to traffic and other various misdemeanors.


As a precaution to protect the public and court personnel during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Cuyahoga Falls Mayor’s Court will limit in-person hearings to mandatory appearances only. If you are required to appear, a representative from the Clerk’s Office will contact you by phone to discuss appearance requirements and options. Please contact the Clerk’s Office with questions relating to payment plans or to contest a citation. 

Citations can be paid by waiver using one of the following methods:

  • 24-hour no-fee drop box (located in the Police Department lobby)
  • Online
  • U.S. mail


Please check our website for updates as the temporary suspension of court hearings may be extended. 

administrative order

Oftentimes, minor infringements may be handled through the clerk's office alone; however, if a court hearing is requested, one will appear in front of a magistrate. A list of waiverable offenses is available on the Payment Schedule. Pay in-person or online, today.

Clerk of Courts

The clerk is charged with running the office of the Mayor's Court, ensuring that court days run smoothly, and that protocols are followed and fines are processed according to law.


Magistrates are appointed by the Mayor of Cuyahoga Falls and serve as judge in cases before the court.

Magistrates work with the clerk, defendants, and attorneys to ensure fair court proceedings. Required credentials include a Juris Doctorate and extensive legal experience.

Learn more on the hours of operation, payment options and fees.