The Technical Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of electro-mechanical and electronic devices used by our safety forces, service departments, and the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls.

Technical Services LogoThis includes hardware and software related to traffic lights, mobile data terminals, lights and sirens in safety vehicles, portable radios, and telephones, among specialty devices used by city departments. The Traffic Signalization, Radio Communications, and Telephone & Landline divisions perform these tasks for ease of traffic flow within the city limits.

The Traffic Signalization Division

The Traffic Division consistently works to improve the movement of traffic for the safety of all travelers.

Traffic signals are designed and operated by qualified traffic engineers who install and maintain the city’s traffic control system. Within the City of Cuyahoga Falls, there are over 75 signalized intersections. Additionally, approximately 45 flashing light signals direct traffic in caution driving areas and school zones. In a given year, the city averages 500 work orders to complete signal maintenance including lamp, traffic loop, electrical transformer, and signal head repair. These repairs include annual maintenance needs and upgrades, and equipment failure caused by adverse weather conditions.

Radio Communication Division

Efficient and reliable radio communications are vital to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls.

The radio communication system serves the needs of all city departments in times of normal operation, but more importantly, drives capabilities for communication in times of emergency situations driven by man-made and natural disasters. Since 1994, the City of Cuyahoga Falls has benefited from the 800 mHz trunked radio system which has provided a dramatic improvement in communications for our safety forces, service departments, and our citizens. In 2014, the city invested in the purchase of its first FM radio station, 96.1 WCFI, which is used for general entertainment, and is reserved for broad communications in case of emergencies that may face the community.

Telephone & Landline Division

This division of technical services plays a vital role in providing reliable and efficient data communication in this age of information.

Telephone and landline workers install and maintain the city’s internal telephone and fax systems, fiber optic circuits, and computer cabling connections, and perform additional technical support when needed to provide efficient voice and data communication for city departments. This ensures the city's ability to conduct daily business with and for residents every day of the year.