The City of Cuyahoga Falls regulates use standards, construction activity, and various types of other property alterations, such as storage standards. For most construction activity, including new and replacement fences, decks, sheds, etc., and signage installations (permanent and temporary), the city REQUIRES applications with plans and details for review to issue permits. Certain other activities, such as storing recreational vehicles on a residential lot, are required to meet minimum standards based on the city’s General Development Code but do not have a permit requirement. Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) received in the Community Development Department, with relevant sections of code for reference. Further inquiries may be submitted here or by calling 

Are boats, trailers, RV’s, and commercial vehicles permitted at my residence?  

Yes. However, the city has storage standards for accessory vehicles that limit where they can be placed. Please ensure those standards for surface material, screening, location, and duration can be met. These standards can be found in Section 1133.04 “Other Limitations and Standards” and Table 1133-21 Accessory Vehicle Limitations, Figure 1132-1RV, Trailer, Boat or Commercial Vehicle Storage Locations in the General Development Code. No permit is required.

I want to erect a fence. Do I need a permit?

Yes.  In general, all fences shall be constructed so that the finished side faces adjacent property or any public right-of-way and when replacing fencing, the existing old fence must be removed. There are different requirements for front and street-side fencing as well as side and rear fencing.  Please refer to Section 1145.09 Fencing for a complete set of regulations, required setbacks, etc.

Fence Permits

Are storage containers/POD’s/shipping containers permitted?

Yes. However, the size, number, and duration vary. Please note: storage containers are not meant as permanent fixtures but only for storage on a temporary basis. Please refer to Section 1133.04 “Other Limitations A.2” for further clarification. No permit is required.

Are home occupations permitted?

Yes.  However, there are limitations as to where such a home occupation can be conducted and specific standards apply.  Please refer to Table 1131-1 Zoning District and Use Table and Section 1133.02 “Limited Uses C. Office Uses 2. Home Occupations” for further details. No permit is required.

Are garage sales allowed?

Yes, however, garage sales can be no longer than 72 hours in duration and no more than 2 per calendar year. This regulation can be found in Section 1133.04 “Other Limitations and Standards A.4 Garage Sales”. No permit is required. 

As a business owner, what are the regulations for permanent signage and what is the process for erecting such signage?

Most parts of the City are subject to Standard District sign regulations. The lot and building frontage in conjunction with the use determine the amount of sign area for the site. Further details can be found in Section 1146 “Sign Design”.

Sign Permits

As a business owner, are temporary signs permitted?  

Yes.  However, temporary signs are permitted for a period of up to 90 days per calendar year with a discontinuation period of 30 days in between such signage.  As stated above, most parts of the city are subject to Standard District sign regulations. Please refer to Chapter 1146 “Sign Design”.

Temporary Signs

Please note: if you are in doubt as to which sign district your business is located in, please refer to the interactive map in the General Development Code as there are different district designations that may require different design requirements and standards.

The complete set of all standards (General Development Code) and all pertinent applications can be accessed below. 

General development code