Clean & Green

Cuyahoga Falls is known to be a clean and green community largely due to our successful waste and recycling programs. Please take your trash, yard waste, and recycling carts to the curb no earlier than the evening before your designated trash day. Move the bin from the curb to an out-of-sight location the same day as trash pickup for clean and safe streets.

Party Politely

Everyone loves a party, but know that excessive noise from loud music, outdoor activities, and guests coming and going in the late night or early morning may cause concern with your neighbors. So, please enjoy yourself, but be considerate.

Aware Neighbor

Although it’s not polite to interject yourself into a neighbor’s life in inappropriate ways, it is wise to keep an eye out for each other. Share telephone numbers and email addresses, so if you see activities that are out of the norm, you can talk about it. And, don’t forget to tell your neighbor when you’re going on vacation - they can help create a presence while you’re away. Also, stay in touch with your neighborhood by joining and signing up for CFO Alerts.

Park Smart

Parking in front yards, on sidewalks, in front of fire hydrants, and in other people’s driveways is not allowed. Since no one likes to see parking tickets on their car windshield, please follow these rules.

Bark | Meow

Pets make great friends, but disruptive pets may put a strain on neighborly friendships. Other concerns include proper vaccinations, spaying and neutering, excessive pet-related noise, heartworm prevention, and disposing of waste. All dogs must be licensed. If you would like your dog to roam free, visit the fenced-in fields for small and large dogs at Keyser Park and Water Works Park.

Lookin’ Great

Neighbors appreciate when grass is mowed regularly, flower beds are weed free, leaves and grass clippings are raked, and sidewalks are cleared from snow. You are creating a safer environment for children walking to school and the clean appearance of your yard will inspire neighbors to keep up. Perhaps you’ll be a bit healthier from a yard work workout and make a new friend or two while spending time outdoors.

Friendly Tips brochure