In Cuyahoga Falls, the mayor serves as the chief executive officer and head of public safety of our municipal government and is responsible for appointing and directing cabinet members, the heads of city departments.

Additionally, the mayor serves on various boards which guide city planning and develops collaborations with businesses and leaders in the community to implement improvements for the city. Furthermore, the mayor works hand-in-hand with city council to balance budgets and enact legislation. Most importantly, the mayor is responsible for communicating with and listening to the public, ensuring that programs and services are provided that meet the needs of the people of Cuyahoga Falls.


Cabinet members are managers who work to provide services and activities to the public and move the city’s agenda forward. The mayor meets with these leaders for updates, and to address the needs of each department and our residents. The participating members are:

Further duties and official organizational structure of our municipal government are formally defined in the Charter of the City Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.