September 15, 2020 planning commission meeting:

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Mud Brook Neighborhood Walking Trail:

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The Community Development department offers a wide variety of services which are specifically designed to maintain and expand the reputation of Cuyahoga Falls as a great place to live, work, and do business.

The department has multiple functional divisions which work in conjunction with each other in order that the overall objectives of the department may be achieved. You may make inquiries at the development department on the first floor of the City Hall at 2310 2nd Street.

Community Development also processes many business permits required to conduct sales in the City of Cuyahoga Falls.


The Development department is responsible for the coordination of developmental projects and serves as a liaison between the developer, the mayor's office, and the city departments to ensure a timely and successful project completion. This office also organizes and promotes the marketability of the city through public relations and good public and private sector relationships to maintain a positive outlook and growth potential for the city. Utilizing various federal, state, and local programs and funding sources, the development department coordinates new development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of properties throughout the city.

General Development Code

The general development code provides guidelines for all planning, zoning and development for the City of Cuyahoga Falls. Read the City of Cuyahoga Falls General Development Code here.

Interactive Mapping Systems

Summit County provides many interactive mapping systems as well.


Plan Reviews

The Community Development department oversees plan reviews for right-of-ways, new major housing, commercial and industrial development, minor lot splits, garages, and additions. Please contact the department to schedule an appointment to review your plans.