The Cemetery Division of the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance department has a total of four cemeteries that it is responsible for grounds upkeep and overall management.

Residents are encouraged to walk the acreage of these beautiful cemeteries, to immerse themselves in the history of Cuyahoga Falls with each step.

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery, located at 2420 Oakwood Drive, is well known for its 23 acres of natural beauty, particularly the magnificent rhododendrons in the spring. The cemetery was established in 1834 and many of the city's founders and early settlers are buried there. The cemetery has been sold out of full size graves, but occasionally is able to buy back graves for resale. There are a limited amount of cremation only graves currently available. If you would like information on how to be placed on a waiting list for a full size grave, or to purchase a cremation grave, please contact the Buildings and Grounds department.

Oakwood Cemetery Map


Honoring Veterans at Oakwood

Since 1945, Oakwood Cemetery has provided veterans of Cuyahoga Falls with free grave plots in its military section. It came to the attention of City Hall that spouses were not permitted to be buried with their military partner, per city ordinance. In September of 2015, Mayor Don Walters introduced legislation to ensure that loved ones can be laid to rest together. This policy is aligned with national veterans’ cemeteries where civilians may be buried where burial plans have been made for their veteran spouses. The markers are shared between partners.

Ladies Cemetery Association of Oakwood Chapel

Oakwood ChapelThe Ladies Cemetery Association of Cuyahoga Falls, founded in 1888, is one of the finest and oldest organizations in Cuyahoga Falls today. The turn-of-the-century Chapel in Oakwood Cemetery was dedicated July 2, 1898 to all faiths as a service to our community and boasts 12 magnificent stained glass windows, donated by several early Falls families and social organizations.

The mission of the Ladies Cemetery Association is to increase awareness of the Chapel and to maintain, repair, and restore the Chapel for  future generations.

For more information go to their website at or follow the Ladies Cemetery Association of Oakwood Chapel Facebook page.

Botzum Cemetery

Botzum Cemetery is a tiny cemetery located at the corner of Bath and Yellow Creek roads. Blink and you may miss it! Botzum was named for the prominent family and unincorporated village in which it was located in the late 1800's. There are no records of who is actually buried in Botzum Cemetery and only a handful of faded, broken headstones remain today.

Harrington Cemetery

Harrington Cemetery, located at 3333 State Road, was established in the early 1800's and is the final resting place of many of the City of Cuyahoga Falls' early founders and settlers. Harrington Cemetery does not have any gravesites available.

Northampton Cemetery

Located in a quiet residential area, Northampton Cemetery is located at 1014 West Bath Road. Established in the early 1800's, many of the early founders and settlers of this part of the city are buried here. Northampton Cemetery does not have any available gravesites.

Northampton Cemetery Map I


Northampton Cemetery Map II


Cemetery inquires may be made to (330) 971-8446 or Cemetery offices are located at 2310 Second Street.


Cemetery Data On-line

BillionGraves is the world's largest resource for searchable GPS cemetery data, and is growing bigger and better every day. 

Cameron King, a student at Cuyahoga Falls High School, recently has completed the requirements and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank within the Boy Scouts of America.   For his leadership project, Cameron used GPS photo technology to photograph headstones in the city’s four cemeteries, Oakwood Cemetery, Harrington Cemetery, Northampton Cemetery and Botzum Cemetery and transcribed the information into a searchable worldwide database.  Cameron’s project resulted in over 15,000 records and helped more than 2,000 people find their ancestors and loved ones.  The website he transcribed the info to is