You can easily be a Neighborhood Ambassador.

Do what you have time for and customize your activities by your neighborhood's priorities by following the below guidelines.

Get Informed

  1. Sign-up for CFO Alerts on urgent matters
  2. Receive email updates from the city on new and upcoming activities & services
  3. Follow the city on social media
  4. Participate & share in activities improving our community's quality of life
  5. Learn about services that can help you or a neighbor

Be Involved

  1. Be the eyes & ears of your street block
  2. Submit ideas for the neighborhood to your councilmember & City Hall
  3. Report suspicious activity or newly vacant homes
  4. Enhance your neighborhood in small & large ways
  5. Drive safely & slowly through neighborhoods & school zones
  6. Act as a role model by practicing & sharing Friendly Tips for Strong Neighborhoods

Engage Others

  1. Connect with your neighbors via Nextdoor
  2. Welcome new neighbors to the block
  3. Educate neighbors on services & activities to provide opportunities to be strong, safe & vibrant
  4. Connect neighbors in need with others who are able to offer a helping hand
  5. Host neighborhood events like block parties & community coffees to bring people together, share ideas & have fun
  6. Recruit & nominate more Neighborhood Ambassadors

Neighborhood Ambassador In Action Checklist

Email, or call (330) 971-8200 for more information on how you can be a part of the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative.