Every year the city works with residents to collect fallen leaves from the curb to create clean and safe neighborhood streets in preparation for the winter season.

Once the leaves have fallen, the city sends leaf crews armed with vacuum machines and rakes, to condense the debris, and keep our streets clean.


  • Dates: Monday, October 26th - Friday, December 4th
  • Time: Residents may rake leaves to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on their scheduled leaf pickup days.
  • Each residence receives three (3) scheduled leaf pick-up dates. These dates may not follow your regular sanitation collection date.
  • Bulk Trucks (without rakers) will complete the first two pickups of the season. Crews will pick up bulk piles of leaves on your scheduled date. On the third pickup, they will return to your area on the scheduled day with leaf rakers to pick up remaining leaves.
  • Please note, leaves placed in brown paper yard waste bags will not be picked up. After leaf pickup is complete, leaves will only be picked up in your tan yard waste carts on your city trash pickup day. Brown paper yard waste bags are no longer accepted. Do not place leaves in plastic bags or any other container for trash pickup. This is prohibited by City ordinance.

Inclement Weather

Delays may occur due to inclement weather; however, every household will receive three leaf pickups before the season ends.

Tips for Successful Leaf Removal

  • Please do not park cars street-side during scheduled pick-up days.
  • Leaves will not be picked up if mixed with tree limbs and debris.
Reduce Flooding by Keeping Storm Sewers Clear of Debris

Residents are reminded not to rake leaves into the street as this may clog the storm sewers and result in serious flooding during heavy rains. To mitigate chances of flooding, place leaves in tan yard waste carts before and after the Curbside Leaf Pickup Program takes place. Or, consider mulching your leaves as an alternative that provides nutrients to your lawn. Learn more about leaf mulching here.


In early October, stop by the Utility Billing department or call the Leaf Hotline at (330) 971-8031 for more information.

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