The EcoSmart Choice program provides customers an option to have the electricity they use certified as being renewable.

The best way to ensure the power you use is renewable is to have it certified through renewable energy certificates (RECs). The minimal extra money you pay through this program is used to purchase RECs to cover your electricity usage. You have the option to do this for 50% of your power usage or for 100% of your power usage. Besides certifying your electricity came from a renewable generating source, you are helping to promote the construction and operation of renewable energy generating facilities. For more program details, see the program web page at the following link: EcoSmart Choice program.

The Cuyahoga Falls Electric System (CFES) offers electric customers an exciting opportunity to enroll in EcoSmart Choice, a “green pricing” program provided through American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP).  Because the City of Cuyahoga Falls is a member of AMP and is participating in the EcoSmart Choice program, CFES customers can help reduce their carbon footprint and provide for a cleaner, healthier and safer energy supply by supporting this renewable energy program.

EcoSmart Choice enables participating AMP member communities to extend the benefits of renewable generation to their customers, regardless of their power supply mix. “Green pricing” programs, such as this, rely on the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset customers’ electricity usage. Since one REC represents one MWh (megawatt hour) of renewable electricity generation, the generating company can sell one REC for each MWh of renewable electricity they generate.  As electricity put onto the grid cannot physically be tracked to a final destination, the REC is the industry’s method of determining who “received” the renewable energy.  EcoSmart Choice offers cleaner energy for little additional cost and is open to residential, commercial and industrial customers of the CFES. There is no minimum required term for enrollment.


EcoSmart Choice is a 100% renewable energy product available only to customers of participating AMP member communities such as Cuyahoga Falls. Renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind, hydroelectric, or landfill gas projects will be purchased and retired to support the EcoSmart Choice program.


By participating in the EcoSmart Choice program, customers help stimulate the demand for new renewable energy generating facilities. An average electric customer participating in the program can offset 8,500 pounds of CO2 emissions each year – the equivalent of not driving your car 10,000 miles!


Residential customers of the Cuyahoga Falls Electric System will have a choice of participating at rates equal to either 50% or 100% of their electric usage for a minimal cost of $0.003 per kWh(Effective 1/1/2018).  For example, if a customer uses 750 kWh in a given month and chooses to participate at the 100% level, the EcoSmart Choice program will purchase an equal number of RECs to match that monthly usage at a cost of $2.25 (750KWH*$0.003/kwh) to the customer.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) electric customers can offset a portion of their electric usage through the purchase of “blocks” of RECs.  Each “block” obtained through the EcoSmart Choice program is equal to 1000 kWh (or 1 MWh) and is available for an additional monthly cost of $5.00 per block.  For example, if a company uses 10,000 kWh in a month and wants to offset 50% of that total with renewable energy, the company would purchase five (5) blocks through the EcoSmart Choice program at an additional monthly cost of $25.00.

Customers may enroll in the EcoSmart Choice “green pricing” program by calling the City of Cuyahoga Falls Utility Billing Office at (330) 971-8250. Information on the program can also be found on the EcoSmart Choice website.

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