Under the direction of the technical service department, the city continues to expand the city’s radio station, WCFI 96.1 FM.

The city owns the radio license and, in a partnership with the Cuyahoga Falls schools, provides a learning environment for student programming. The school began a curriculum in the fall of 2015 for students eager to learn and gain broadcasting experience.

Public Service Announcements and a variety of independent music. It also provides emergency notification for major events activated by the City's siren system. While WCFI 96.1 FM will provide the same services, it will also have the capacity to do much more as it will be able to make programming available to the entire city.

The goal of the station is to be both informative and entertaining by providing variety of music, news, talk shows, information and syndicated programming. We invite you to check it out at 96.1 FM.

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