Mayor Don Walters is proud to announce that the City of Cuyahoga Falls will save the Keyser-Swain farmhouse from demolition, preserve the structural integrity with a complete exterior restoration, and make renovations to Northampton Town Hall. The joint revitalization projects will be completed concurrently in an effort to reinvest in the preservation of Keyser Park.

In early 2021, the Parks and Recreation Department published a Continuous Improvement Plan that took a holistic look at the Cuyahoga Falls parks system. The goal of the plan for Keyser Park is to have expanded offerings and connected pathways across the almost 73-acre park to help ensure that all areas of the park are fully accessible and utilized. The city has been committed to restoring Northampton Town Hall and is expanding the project to include preserving the structural integrity with a complete exterior restoration of the Keyser-Swain house to maintain the historic aesthetic of the municipal park.

“Saving the Keyser-Swain house and restoration efforts to Northampton Town Hall allow us to be fiscally responsible with expenditures of tax dollars while maintaining consistency in the planning, redevelopment, and preservation of Keyser Park as a whole,” stated Mayor Don Walters. “Visitors to the park will also see the addition of Sugar Maple Trail, a hiking trail with informational signage highlighting the maple syrup process. Interactive activities will be hosted for the community.”

Northampton Town Hall will undergo façade improvements and internal renovations to improve the overall appearance and usability of the rentable facility while improving ADA accessibility. The city will soon begin plans for the restoration of the exterior structure of the Keyser-Swain farmhouse. Once the plans are approved, a contract will be bid and awarded, and restoration work will commence. Work is anticipated to begin in late 2021, with project completion expected in 2022.