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Neighbor's Name: Carla & Tim

This summer our dear next door neighbor Carla surprised us many times with "porchcakes."  It would usually be on a nice Saturday morning when we'd be enjoying our coffee on the front porch.  She and her husband Tim would show up on our porch with plates of freshly made pancakes, filled with berries and topped with butter and maple syrup, along with bacon and glasses of cold orange juice. What a heavenly way to spend a summer morning.  We watched her run across the street to make similar deliveries to other lucky neighbors (who totally showed us up one morning ready with a bouquet of fresh flowers to thank Carla!).  Thank you Carla and Tim for loving us and being such great neighbors and friends.  - Susan S

Neighbor's Name: Craig and Nicholas

We love our neighbors so much!!! They are the best!!! They are Angels on earth!!! They have raked all of our leaves this past fall. They have shoveled our driveway this whole winter!!! They have cleared our sidewalks!! They have kept everything snow free so we are able to walk and get our car out!!! We cannot do all this due to illness!! We are so thankful for our neighbors!!!! They are always there for us and checking to see if we need anything!!!! They truely are the best ever!!!! Thank you so much Craig and Nicholas!!! - Mike and Pam

Neighbor's Name: Megan Kearney

She is a wonderful person. Thoughtful and kind. She is a very welcome addition to our street! - Kelly W

Neighbor's Name: Pam and John

I love my neighbors because they are always here to help us if we are in need. They also treat my daughter as if it was their granddaughter. I have many other neighbors that are always so nice and good to our family. We love Cuyahoga falls and our neighborhood.  - Mary H

Neighbor's Name: David F

I love my neighbor because he is so kind he does so much for us he takes us to the store our appointment's and helps us when we need help with stuff he is such a kind heart I'm so glad to have a neighbor like him.  - Elsa

Neighbor's Names: Jeff N, Mark E 

We have the best neighbors and neighborhood everyone helps each other out and looks out for each other Many thanks to Jeff who has plowed my long driveway during this winter storm and always helps me out with various projects any way he can. Also to Mark E for plowing my driveway during the winter storm and plowing out by the mailbox always willing to help out We feel very fortunate to live in Kelsey Creek such a wonderful neighborhood. - Marisa M

I love our neighborhood because all the neighbors watch out and help each other out.  It is quiet for the most part and lots of kids.  There are always people out walking, no matter the season. - Melanie H

Neighbor's Name: Chris and Roger D

I love sharing gardening, books, political and social justice talks. They are always on the move. Walking and enjoying outdoors, they motivate me. I am so happy they are our neighbors! - Jamie and Curtis C

Neighbor's Name: Jan and Bill Q

Jan and Bill were so caring and supportive through hardships of losing family members and a cancer diagnosis. They brought us delicious home cooked meals, sent prayers and checked in during those times. I love Jan and Bill and think of them as family. - Jamie and Curtis C

Neighbor's Name: Kathy M

Kathy is sweet, caring and always willing to talk. She looks out for our house and us and we just love her. - Jamie C

Neighbor's Name: Cuyahoga Falls Police Department

They are always there for you without fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Marjorie L

Neighbor's Name: JL

Our February snow storm was beautiful to see but presented an overwhelming amount of snow piled up in our driveway and sidewalks. Shoveling all of that snow presented a problem for this retiree.  I made a good attempt at clearing the area, but the snow was coming down faster than I could manage.  Add to that, the snow plow deposited a heavy wall of snow and ice that blocked our drive. Our neighbor, JL, rescued us by totally clearing our drive and sidewalks, even hand clearing the ice/snow that the snowblower couldn't handle.  Special thank you to JL. Other neighbors have help clear our walk, and we couldn't be more thankful.  We love living in the Ivy Park neighborhood. - Don

We moved into Cuyahoga Falls a couple months ago. Our neighbors have been so welcoming. 5 of our neighbors came by to bring a welcome to the neighborhood gift and to let us know we can reach out to them for anything. We are so appreciative of them and so glad we moved to Cuyahoga Falls! - Steve and Patty F

Neighbor's Name: Janice

I first met Janice around a backyard campfire with other neighbors. She is always the first one out shoveling sidewalks and helping out wherever she can. In the summer, her gardening skills are unmatched. She always shares her bounty and green thumb tips!
Janice isn’t just a neighbor, she’s a friend.
Our street is full of neighbors willing to help each other out. With citizens like Janice, it’s always a beautiful day in our neighborhood! - Alecia C