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Neighbor's Name: Colleen

I've known my neighbor all my life. She has been so kind and caring. She has always let me over to play with her kids. Now her daughter is married but I still see her when I can. She is someone who is caring and is a great friend.  -Elsa

Neighbor's Name: Riley

Riley is a very fun person to hang out with. -Vincent

Neighbor's Name: MaryAnn & Don

They have been the kindest neighbors since we moved in. Lending a helping hand, checking in on us, bringing us cookies. They are the absolute sweetest! -Ashley & Hannah

Neighbor's Name: Chris and Roger D

They are the kindest and I love our conversations!  - Jamie C

We have amazing neighbors who welcomed us when we moved in last year. They make an effort to get the neighbors together occasionally for a BBQ or lunch. They've always offered to watch the house and pick up packages when we're away. We couldn't ask for better neighbors! - Brenda

Neighbor's Name: Brian & Kathy - Ron & Tomi

Our neighbors are the best. My husband is ill and can no longer do things around the house. They take care of our yard, driveway, and trash cans too! We treasure them. They affirm the good that exists in the world. - Kara & Eddie

Neighbor's Name: Kim - Villages of Sycamore

She holds a special place in our hearts as she was the very first person we had the pleasure of meeting in our newer development. From the moment we moved in, Kim welcomed us with open arms and made us feel right at home. Over the last 3 years, she has not only been a wonderful neighbor but has also become a dear friend. We are grateful for her warm hospitality, genuine friendship, and the countless memories we have created together. Thank you, Kim, for being an amazing neighbor and friend! - Jesse G

Neighbor's Name: John, Suzi, Rachelle

We really got to know our neighbors well during the Covid Summer 2020. Deck parties and movie nights in the back yard brought neighbors together -- and more than neighbors all have become friends.  - Leslie M

I am truly blessed with good neighbors around me on the 2300 block of 19th St. Everyone gets along. There are little children who play in our yards, and no one has any problems with that. In the summer, when I am on my front porch and the younger neighbors are out working in their yards or playing with their young children, everyone talks to each other.

In short, it's a real neighborhood. - Richard B

Neighbor's Name: Chuck and Barb W

Our neighborhood is full of great people who look out for one another. Everyone is eager to help remove snow, watch each other's homes while away, and lend a hand for projects. The Weaklands embody this spirit, especially. They have helped us out in so many ways and we are VERY grateful to know them. - Alexandra C