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Neighbor's Name: Brian & Maria

We met our neighbors through a crazy broken pipe in our house situation about two days before we were going to move in. They were the kindest, most generous people you could imagine and they have been that way as long as we’ve known them. Thanks for always making me smile and for all you do!

Neighbor's Name: Brian and Kathy and Ron and Toni

We are blessed with the best neighbors on both sides of our home. We had a tragic occurrence in our family. They were supportive and kind and so helpful. I am forever grateful for them. - Kara

Neighbor's Name: Craig and Nicholas C

We have the best neighbors ever on 16th St!!! Our neighbors, Craig and Nicholas C. are the best neighbors. They are so kind and helpful to us!! They have raked our leaves, shoveled our snow and we have a very long driveway!! They are always making sure we are ok and asking if we need any thing at all. Nicholas is such a well mannered, fine, polite young man that is so helpful with his father. We thank you and appreciate you both so much!!! Your the Best!!! - Pam C

Neighbor's Name: Chris and Roger D

They are the kindest and I love our conversations!  - Jamie C

Neighbor's Name: Mishelle and Tony E, Tim and Katlyne F, Dave and Molly K, Marilyn L, Robin M

We are beyond blessed to have some seriously awesome neighbors! Everyone is always there for one another and willing to help each other out in the most desperate of times, whether it’s a driveway needing shoveled, a dig needing let out, trash cans brought in or literally anything else. We are so So SO grateful to be surrounded by the Best friends and neighbors! 21st Street neighbors between Broad and Phelps rocks!!!!!  - Julie B

Neighbor's Name: Donna - Berk Street

We love Donna as our neighbor because she's so friendly, always has a happy smile to see us & a welcomed seat on her porch when ever she is out there!  - Christina B


Neighbor's Name: Kevin - Berk Street

My husband and I so appreciate our neighbor, Kevin! He is always on the lookout for our runaway naughty dogs! He has contacted us probably 3 or 4 times always with a cheerful face. No judging us for being bad fur baby parents for letting them accidentally slip out occasionally.  - Christina B

Neighbor's Name: John, Suzi, Rachelle

We really got to know our neighbors well during the Covid Summer 2020. Deck parties and movie nights in the back yard brought neighbors together -- and more than neighbors all have become friends.  - Leslie M

I am truly blessed with good neighbors around me on the 2300 block of 19th St. Everyone gets along. There are little children who play in our yards, and no one has any problems with that. In the summer, when I am on my front porch and the younger neighbors are out working in their yards or playing with their young children, everyone talks to each other.

In short, it's a real neighborhood. - Richard B

Neighbor's Name: Chuck and Barb W

Our neighborhood is full of great people who look out for one another. Everyone is eager to help remove snow, watch each other's homes while away, and lend a hand for projects. The Weaklands embody this spirit, especially. They have helped us out in so many ways and we are VERY grateful to know them. - Alexandra C