The Honorary Boulevard Street Naming Award is a commemorative site located in the median on Broad Boulevard, between Third and Fourth Streets.

This initiative pays homage to the people and organizations that selflessly give back to Cuyahoga Falls residents and the city as a whole. The Honorary Boulevard site is a collaborative project that includes partnering with the Neighborhood Development Services and business leaders.

It is important to note that this is an honorary gesture only and does not change the official designation of Broad Boulevard for postal purposes.

Honorary Site Development

Donations made to assist in building the site came from many area businesses including: A. Crano Excavating, WL Tucker Supply Company, Malita Marble and Granite, Ameriseal & Restoration Company, Egger Landscaping, Marazita Graphics, Ty-Tan Construction, Chisler’s Monument Company and Triad/Next Level.

Nomination Process

If you know of someone who has gone the extra mile for the Cuyahoga Falls community and that they could be awarded the Honorary Boulevard Street Naming Award, please submit your recommendation in writing. Mail nominations to: Cuyahoga Falls City Hall, 2310 Second Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

Inaugural Naming: The Heath Brothers

Bob and Harry Heath were born 15 months apart. At time of recieving the award, Bob was 90 and Harry was 91 years old. Their community involvement spans decades. Bob and Harry Heath are veterans of World War II, where they cemented their commitments to country and community. They are two of the founding members of Oktoberfest, which through charitable donations, is responsible for over $1 million dollars in philanthropic ventures, such as, installing the Cuyahoga Falls Veterans Memorial Wall and providing scholarships for Cuyahoga Falls and Woodridge High School students. They are credited with playing instrumental roles in facilitating the start-ups of the Little League baseball and Little Black Tigers youth football programs. Residents will remember seeing them as part of the “Chain Gang” every Friday night at Cuyahoga Falls High School football games. They remain active members of the Kiwanis Club and the Falls Natatorium.

Award Recipients

June 2016: ACME Fresh Market and Steve Albrecht, celebrating their 125th anniversary and over a century of service to Cuyahoga Falls.

February 2016: Good Neighbors, helping families and individuals in time of crisis, need with clothing, emergency food, and support.

October 2015: Jeff Straughan, contributing 100% of his family's East of Chicago Pizza restaurant's profits to charity.

June 2015: The Heath Brothers, providing decades of service to our country and community.