Interested in a fun and exciting way to get to know your potential field? The City of Cuyahoga Falls takes great pride in helping to groom the next generation of leaders in our community and hope that the youth in the greater Falls area take advantage of the many experiences that come from being a Cuyahoga Falls Intern.


UNPAID Internship Overview

Time Commitment: Part-time. Preferred minimum of 10 hours per week to maximize experience opportunity.

Availability: Department needs change semester to semester, and these needs reflect internship availability. It is advised that potential applicants reach out early with specifically expressed interest.

Job Description: Internships at the city are currently, but return a vast array of job experiences. Duties vary by department. Some areas of interest include safety, development, parks and recreation facility management and programming, administrative skill development, and civil and criminal experience through the Mayor's Court and Law Department. Explore the departments serving the City of Cuyahoga Falls to learn more about an area of focus that matters to you and your career.

Preferred Skills: Knowledge of off-the-shelf software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, etc.); organized, detail-oriented, and troubleshooting ability.

Mandatory Requirements: Strong communication skills, positive attitude and flexible; self-sufficient and resourceful; discrete and agreeable to sign a disclosure agreement.

Application Process: Please submit a letter of interest explaining your desired municipal focus and long-term professional goals, along with your resume and submit it to the Human Resources Department for consideration.

What Cuyahoga Falls Interns Are Saying

"Government and politics has always interested me, so when I learnt about the opportunity to intern at the City of Cuyahoga Falls, I jumped at it. My studies during college mainly dealt with research, so I sought to gain experience working in a government office. The internship at the City of Cuyahoga Falls not only matched my expectations, but exceeded them. Skills like critical analysis, time-management, organization, and communication were addressed in every project I was involved in. Moreover, I was given room to grow and excel throughout my internship. I acquired new skills, which not only will broaden my job prospects, but also improved my organizational and analytical skills. I found my experience interning with the City of Cuyahoga Falls a useful addition to my resume, and a place to really learn how government functions within a pleasant working environment. I would highly recommend this internship program to any enthusiastic college student with a desire to learn about local government."                - Amelia V.