Cuyahoga Falls Safe Driving Initiative

Enhancing the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians

The most frequent complaint we receive from residents, by far, is the issue of speeding in neighborhoods. Speeding and rolling through stop signs are a fairly regular occurrence, and are not limited to just one street or area. As residents, there are proactive steps we can take to enhance safety on our streets and throughout the city. We can make it safer; one driver at a time!

  • Watch the video and take the pledge to follow all traffic laws
  • Ask everyone in your household and your neighborhood to take the pledge to be a safe driver
  • Carry your Safe Driving Initiative pledge card signed by the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council President in your wallet   
  • Display the SDI sticker on the bottom left corner of the rear window
  • Display the SDI reminder decal on the top left corner of the windshield 
  • Do a police ride along to witness traffic enforcement firsthand
  • Check out a loaner radar gun to discretely observe actual speeds on your street. Make note of habitual offenders
  • Display a “Drive Slow, We Love our Children and Pets” yard sign to remind drivers to check their speed
  • Request a radar speed sign or speed study on your street
  • Participate in the SDI Task Force Zoom meetings for updates

Each individual driver must take the pledge to receive the safe driving initiative packet.

  • I will strive to drive within the posted speed limit, especially in school zones and residential areas.

  • I will not drive while distracted.

  • I will yield to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.

  • I will come to a complete stop at stop signs and look carefully before proceeding.