The City of Cuyahoga Falls is partnering with homeowners to reduce the overall Skunk population within the city. The Program is designed to provide financial reimbursement to homeowners who choose to work with licensed wildlife control companies to remove skunks
from their properties.
  1. Homeowners must enter into a contract for services from a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. The contract must include the placement and monitoring of traps and the cost of skunk removal from individual residential properties.
  2. Any costs in the contract related to inspection of the property, trap set-up and monitoring, home repairs needed to mitigate dens, etc. will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
  3. If a trap is set by the Operator and captures a Skunk, the City will reimburse the homeowner up to a maximum of $75 for each Skunk trapped or the removal price quoted in the contract, whichever is less.
  4. The City will not reimburse residents for the costs of trapping any other wildlife. Homeowners are encouraged to talk with their chosen Operator to clarify how they will be billed for this activity
  5. To request reimbursement, the following information must be submitted to the Mayor’s Court Clerk at City Hall, 2310 Second Street:
    •A completed reimbursement request form from the homeowner; and,
    •A copy of the contract between the homeowner and the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator; and,
    •A copy of the receipt documenting the date of the Skunk removal and the cost for each Skunk.
  6. The City will process the requested reimbursement. Homeowners will receive reimbursement once an original receipt of paid invoice is provided to the Mayor’s Court Clerk.
  7. Homeowners can request reimbursement for Skunks removed after May 3, 2021.
  8. The City will continue to operate their respective removal program on public properties.

Questions on this Program? Contact the Community Development Department at 330-971-8135

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