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The City of Cuyahoga Falls received an Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the
Arts (NEA) in support of the community art project - River in the City. River in the City is an
opportunity for the City of Cuyahoga Falls to embrace its new Plan for Public Art by leveraging
local and national talent to create excellent art and engagement along Front Street and the
Cuyahoga River.

The project manager for River in the City, Curated Storefront, is issuing an open call to local
artists, cultural creatives and community members to develop artistic community engagement
activities that offer creative interpretations of the Cuyahoga River and what it means to the City
of Cuyahoga Falls as core to the identity of the city and its residents.
Four artists/cultural creatives will be selected to each lead a one - day (2-3 hour) community
engagement activity in Summer of 2022.

Creative activities could include:

  • Music
  • Dance/performance
  • Poetry/creative writing
  • Visual arts (sculpture, installation, printmaking, painting, drawing, bookmaking, papermaking)
  • Guided river walks

Proposed activities must relate to the Cuyahoga River and include direct engagement with
community members of all ages and skill levels.

The Front Street Pavilion in downtown Cuyahoga Falls has been secured and will be available
to the artists. As it is a covered outdoor space, activities will take place rain or shine.

Selected artists will be provided with a $1750 stipend for labor and supplies.