Every year the city designates approximately 80 sites to be landscaped with blooms and greenery through its Adopt-A-Spot program.

Not only does this beautification of public space brighten the day of passers-by, but studies show that people are less likely to litter in areas that have been populated with flowers. This program aligns perfectly with our Keep Cuyahoga Falls Beautiful platform.

The Adopt-A-Spot program began in 1988, when community organizations came together to assist the city gardener with the planting of flowers in a variety of common areas. The program has continued to expand and thrive every year with the unwavering support of residents and businesses alike.

Help us to Keep Cuyahoga Falls Beautiful one site at a time by contributing to the Adopt-A-Spot program as a fiscal sponsor or volunteer steward.

Be a Sponsor     Become a Steward

Further inquiries may be directed by email to adoptaspot@cityofcf.com or phone at (330) 971-8351. Forms may be returned by fax to (330) 971-8168.