Local Gardening Brings Community Together

Community Garden Sunflowers

About the Gardens

The community gardens at Keyser Park offers an abundance of fertile land where residents may come together to till the earth so that families may enjoy healthy and local produce throughout the summer and fall months.

Plots are organized by the Cuyahoga Falls Community Gardens, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The garden is divided into 25' x 25' sections and water spigots are spread throughout the garden for your convenience.

Benefits From Having Your Own Garden Plot

  • Community Garden FlowersKnow who, where, and how the produce you are eating was grown
  • Get yourself, seniors and children outdoors
  • Become self-reliant with your own garden
  • Taste the difference when you grow your own fruits and vegetables
  • Build a sense of community with fellow gardeners
  • Learn and benefit from experienced growers including a Master Gardener
  • Donate your extra produce to those in need including the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors

Now is a great time to get involved with this group of enthusiastic gardeners. Join the movement and support community gardening!

Application Process

  • Returning Gardeners: may apply for an early deadline to reserve your space for the upcoming year. Applications are mailed to all of the previous year's participants and must be returned signed, and with payment by the date stated in the packet.
  • New Gardeners: may sign-up in person at an annual informational meeting.


  • Garden Plot:$18 each

Please consider a contribution of $5 or more for future growth of the Cuyahoga Falls Community Gardens!


The Community Gardens are located in Keyser Park at Keyser Parkway and West Bath Road. Travel up the hill towards the Bicentennial Barn and park next to the dog park for a convenient drop-off location.

Contact Information

For more information about the Cuyahoga Falls Community Gardens, please call (330) 923-4524 or email Cuy.FallsCom.GardensInc@gmail.com.