Municipal government isn’t just about passing legislation, but rather, it’s about how we can make our community stronger, together.

Mayor Walters places a priority on low-cost, high-impact programs that work to make your home safer and more efficient, our neighborhoods more cohesive, the entertainment more exciting, and public services far superior. Engage with City Hall through these exciting programs today.

Adult Seniors

Please take a moment to learn about the activities and services that are provided to make life better here for our senior adult and disabled residents.

City Services

Sign up for service, or learn more about the amazing services the city provides for you.

Government Access

It is important to the city that everyone has access to the information they need. Never hesitate to learn more about what is happening in your city by reading regular communications out of City Hall, or reaching out to your elected leaders.

Health & Wellness

The health of our citizenry is of the upmost importance and fortunately in Cuyahoga Falls, we have many partners working to increase the longevity and quality of life for our residents.

Law & Safety

Learn ways to stay safe and work with our law enforcement community to keep Cuyahoga Falls strong.


Neighborhoods are the backbone to our community and the city continuously strives to bring people together in large and small ways.

Tax Assistance

Paying taxes can be daunting, and so the City of Cuyahoga Falls wants to reduce the stress behind this annual work.

Have a question, or think there is a program out there to suit your need? Search our service programs, or call City Hall at (330) 971-8000 to learn more about ways your government is making life better here!