Business is booming in Cuyahoga Falls!

With a population of 50,000 residents, easy highway access from anywhere in Northeast Ohio and the lowest utility rates in the area, Cuyahoga Falls is an ideal place to do business.

Superior city services, outstanding public schools, and a wealth of cultural amenities all contribute to a high quality of life that makes Cuyahoga Falls such an attractive place for businesses to locate.

City leadership is laser-focused on job growth and economic development, so in many cases incentives and tax credits can be utilized to help make a move to Cuyahoga Falls the best business decision.

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Why Business is Better in Cuyahoga Falls

A Thriving Community with a Wealth of Cultural Amenities

Cuyahoga Falls is a financially stable community comprised of vibrant neighborhoods and bustling commerce. The summer home of the world-class Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Cuyahoga Falls offers an eclectic array of cultural amenities, entertainment, shopping, and dining opportunities.

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A Wide Range of Incentives, Tax Credits, & Development Tools

The City of Cuyahoga Falls is serious about economic development – we stand ready to employ a wide range of tools and incentives to help attract quality employers to locate within our community.

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Lower Utility Rates that Help the Bottom Line

Municipally owned water and electric departments allow Cuyahoga Falls to boast some of the lowest utility rates in the entire region. Businesses of all sizes recognize the tangible benefit of trimming the bottom line on monthly utility expenses.

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City Hall Works Together with the Business Community

The City of Cuyahoga has worked in concert with the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce since 1926 to actively promote and strengthen the partnership between the business and civic communities.

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Superior Municipal Services & Top-Rate Safety Forces

Businesses in Cuyahoga Falls benefit from outstanding municipal services, delivered like clockwork year-round. The community is protected and served by first responders who provide safety services that are simply second to none.

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