Cuyahoga Falls City Council Passes 2019 Budget

Dec 11, 2018

On Monday, December 10, 2018, Cuyahoga Falls City Council passed the City Budget for expenses and capital expenses for the 2019 fiscal year.

“My Administration continues to prioritize infrastructure and public safety. We are investing more money on road pavement in 2019 than in any other year in our city’s history,” stated Mayor Don Walters. “I am excited about the improvements to Quirk Cultural Center, a dog park at Water Works, and new play equipment at DeWitt and Price Schools. We are also investing in a new state of the art Police Training Facility and Fire Station 3 on Portage Trail will be rebuilt.” 

“I am proud to work with a team that continues to produce award-winning financial management by implementing best practices and innovative cost-saving measures,” said Finance Director Bryan Hoffman. “We strive to provide Council with a comprehensive look at our city finances, and I thank them for the prompt passage of the 2019 budget.”

The 2019 budget, once again, prioritizes investments in infrastructure and maintaining debt reduction. An additional quarter of a million dollars is being added for street paving to bring the total investment to $2.25 million and an additional $300,000 for concrete street repairs. The Fire Department will be tearing down Fire Station 3 on Portage Trail and replacing it with a new state of the art facility. Additionally, each firefighter will have two sets of personal firefighting gear to protect their health and safety. Construction of the Police Training Facility is scheduled to be completed in 2019. The city is also investing in many neighborhood park improvements. The Quirk Cultural Center is getting upgrades to the heating and air conditioning systems and the parking lot.

Over the past five years, the Administration has worked diligently to pay off $9.3 million in debt, saving taxpayers financing and interest charges.

The budget passed with nine council members voting in favor and two against the budget. The members of Council who voted for passage of the budget: Paul Colavecchio (At-Large), Tim Gorbach (At-Large), Jeff Iula (At-Large), Drew Reilly (Ward 1), Mary Nichols-Rhodes (Ward 4), Mike Brillhart (Ward 5), Adam Miller (Ward 6), Jerry James (Ward 7), and Russ Iona (Ward 8). The members who voted against passage of the budget were Mary Ellen Pyke (Ward 2) and Vic Pallotta (Ward 3).

The overall anticipated expenses for 2019 are roughly $183,478,428. General Fund revenues are forecasted to be around $35,195,145, with General Fund expenses budgeted at $37,380,609.  Anticipated carryover in the general fund is $6,988,809 and all appropriated funds at $36,077,525.