City Of Cuyahoga Falls Gas Aggregation Update New Rate April 1, 2017

Feb 07, 2017

Mayor Don Walters is pleased to announce that Cuyahoga Falls has locked into a new gas rate with our current supplier IGS Energy.   Our current contract with IGS was due to expire March 2017; it has been extended for one year and continues through March 2018.   

The new rate with IGS Energy begins April 2017. The current offer is for six months of the contract.  The offer provided is a fixed monthly rate of $3.67/MCF through the September 2017 billing period.

Under the terms of the Aggregation Program, eligible residential and small commercial customers will be included in the purchasing group automatically unless they elect to opt-out of the Program.  This includes those currently enrolled in the program and those currently on Dominion’s SCO program.  IGS Energy will be sending information to all eligible customers on or around February 14, 2017.   

For current participants in the City’s gas program:
Participants will continue to be enrolled in the new program. This is an opt-out program. Letters will be mailed from IGS to each customer explaining the program. Participants will have the option to terminate at any time without cancellation fees.

For Dominion East Ohio customers paying the SCO rate:
Dominion customers will be automatically moved into the City’s program.  This is an opt-out program, providing each customer with the opportunity to opt-out. Letters will be mailed from IGS to each customer explaining the program and options. If you chose not to participate, contact IGS to opt-out.

For customers that are on another CHOICE program with a different supplier:
You will not receive a letter.  You may call IGS to join, but review your current contract first.

If you have any additional questions regarding the City of Cuyahoga Falls Natural Gas Aggregation Program, contact IGS Energy at: 1-877-353-0162. Continue to watch the Falls New Press and City’s website for updates.