The City of Cuyahoga Falls Announces Availability of Yard Carts

Apr 10, 2019

Mayor Don Walters announces that Yard Carts are now available and may be obtained by visiting the Utility Billing Department. A $25 down payment is required, but is refundable upon return of the cart. Any leftover yard waste from Fall can be placed in the yard carts for pickup. Please remember that yard carts and all trash receptacles should be placed 3 feet away from the curbs, trees, and any other obstructions so that sanitation workers may complete all pickups as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Residents and businesses are reminded that the only yard waste materials that are accepted are leaves, grass clippings, weeds and brush, shrubbery, edgings without dirt, and twigs and small branches that are less than four inches in diameter. Contamination charges may apply for items such as trash, dirt, rocks, mulch, and plastic bags.

Do not use plastic bags to collect yard waste and instead keep it loose in yard carts or use compostable bags. Yard carts can be obtained by visiting the Utility Billing Department at City Hall, 2310 Second Street.