Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 12, 2019, to be considered.

Vendor fees; $50 Market / $75 Food
All fees must be paid upon vendor confirmation.

Please note: All Food Vendors must have necessary permits through the Health Department. Please visit the website for Summit County Public Health for current information/requirements

This should include any awnings, condiment tables, etc.*
Please note: There is limited availability of electric and water.

Please select which event(s) you are applying for.
Please note; Businesses will be selected for events based on variety and your preference.
To ensure each event is unique, businesses will only be granted a spot at one event this season.

Choose your events in order, 1-8, based on preference of participation.
1 being first choice, 8 being last. If you only choose 3, please follow the same rules.

Friday night event vendor set-up begins at 1PM and MUST BE completed by 3PM for the fire inspection. Pop Culture Fest vendors MUST BE set-up by 9AM

Teardown begins at 10PM with the exception of Kids Fest when teardown may begin at 8PM.