Members of city council serve on a variety of committees, boards, and commissions in order to move city business forward.

All committee meetings, where public debate is welcomed, are generally held at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month. Details may be found at Meeting Schedules, Agendas & Legislation.

Standing Council Committees

The standing committees are assigned so that a smaller body may delve into issues and plans, and then report back to the greater council. These committees are listed in the order in which they present their business to the public.

Standing Committee Chair Vice Chair Member
Planning & Zoning Colavecchio Brillhart Iona
Finance & Appropriations Gorbach James Pyke
Public & Industrial Improvements James Colavecchio Iula
Public Affairs Brillhart Reilly Pallotta
Community Development Reilly Gorbach Miller

Intermittent Council Committees

The intermittent committees are assigned when variable or corresponding business is called.

Intermittent Committee Purpose
Ad Hoc Council Rules When necessary, takes on business that is not addressed by standing committees.
Committee on Committees Assigns council leadership roles at the biennial reorganizational meetings.

Council Representation on Boards & Commissions

In order to better represent the residents of Cuyahoga Falls, councilmembers are assigned to a variety of boards and commissions.

Board or Commission Member Member Alternate
Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Committee Iona    
Capital Cost Surcharge Hardship Committee Pallotta    
City Tree Board Nichols-Rhodes    
Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council Colavecchio Brillhart  
Curfew Penalty Review Board James    
Design & Historic Review Board Brillhart Nichols-Rhodes  
Emergency Medical Services Board of Review Brillhart    
Evaluation, Review & Appeal Committee Pyke Reilly  
Land Preservation Commission Nichols-Rhodes    
Moral Claims Commission James   Gorbach
Planning Commission Colavecchio   Brillhart
Tax Incentive Review Council Gorbach    
Telecommunications Advisory Committee Colavecchio Iula  
Traffic Committee Brillhart   Reilly
Water Issue Appeals Iona